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The Resort - Service

As an owner we care about our guests staying at Bahama Bay resort and with the help of other owners we are turning Bahama Bay into the top condominium vacation resort to stay at in Orlando Florida.

We monitor TripAdviser very closely, see our guest book and we resolve any problems very quickly.

Together with other owners and the help of our management company and service partners we do everything we can to make your stay at Bahama Bay wonderful, we look forward to supplying our guests with a holiday of a life time.

If you have any questions regarding Bahama Bay Resort, you can email us or call on +1 (863) 226-4701 or submit your question via our contact page. We try to ensure our guests have a fantastic time and return again and again.

The condos on this site are the same as offered on lots of other sites i.e. Virgin, Kuoni, Expedia, Thomas Cook but as I own them I can give you a reduced rate and better service.

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